All of our facials include a complete skin analysis, cleansing, extractions when needed, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer.

Quick Skin Smoothie $50
When time is short, but desire is not. This perfect facial boost quenches the skin with a probiotic mask followed by a rich moisturizer. (30 min.)

Fab Teen Fusion $65
Designed specifically for the needs of pre-teen/teenagers. Our ultra cleansing cocktail combats acne and sweetens the skin as we nurture you into adulthood. Includes detoxifying, delicate extractions, purifying masks and sunscreen. Recommended once a month or until skin clears.(60 min.)

Flip Me Over $70
Otherwise known as backaliscious. Our secret weapon targets the most neglected part of your body as we cleanse, exfoliate, extract, mask and moisturize you to sublime perfection. You'll look so good you just might want to walk backwards! (60 min.)

Under The Yum-Yum Tree $95
Faint of the heart beware - you're heading straight for nirvana! Oily skin, mature skin, rosacea, acne? We've got you covered. Your personalized soothing session includes intensive skin consultation, deep cleansing, exfoliating, delicate extractions, serenity masks and our signature massage. (75 min.)

Burnout Beauty Bliss $90
Just when you thought our facials couldn't get any better we decided to wave the magic wand one more time. Reverse burnout to ultimate bliss as we hand apply our secret weapon microdermabrasion. An immediate improvement of the skin's tone, texture and firmness is evident as we gently provide a controlled, deep exfoliation of the skin. Excellent in treating aging skin, sun damage, acne scars and brown spots. (60 min.)

Sock It To Me Enzymes $115
This luxurious treatment tips the scales as we 'yum-yum you' over the edge. Not only do you get all the decadence of our award winning Epicuren facial but we also bathe your face in a rich combination of enzymes, organic acids, minerals and vitamins. Recommended for pleasure seekers only. (90 min.)

Oxygen Facial $105
Without adequate oxyegen, the skin doesn't breath properly and fo course we would want that- would me??? First we pamper you in a customized exfoliation and then we invite you to inhale our signature blend of pure oxygen and liquid vitamins. Provides instatnt hydretion, stimulates circulation and acgives Ph perfection no matter what your skin type. An exellent choice for battling exessive sun, pollution, and stress. You'll be waking on air no pun intended.(90 min.)

Couture Peels $75 - $125
Prices of peels varies based on the type of peels performed.
Glycolic, Salicylic,Lactic,TCA and jessner acids are used to customized your peels to minimize apperance of blemishes of discolorations(45 min.)

Series of 5 $325
Series of 10 $650

Facial Extras $30 (per treatment additional to your facial service)
Glycolic Peel
Lightening Peel
Silver Ion Mask
Eye Contour Treatment
Neck/Décolleté Treatment

Sweet Skin Save Me Plan-Series Packages
There's no better investment than your own skin and no time like the present to start planting seeds. Indulge yourself and get three of the same facials at our self-satisfaction plan rate and you pay in advance. Just chose three appointments over the next six months that cater to your 'save me' schedule - the most indulgent way to grow your personal portfolio.

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